Why Call Us?

Only Perfect Parties will eliminate ALL of the stress, time consuming & tedious tasks and enable you to concentrate on all of the other work that you are responsible for, plus we enable you to relax and enjoy the party with everyone else. We become part of your team/committee and assist you with the entire event planning aspects! You sign the contract with the Venue and pay them directly so that no one even knows that a planner was even involved. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with better deals then they can obtain themselves because of the amount of business we bring to the venues over the years they offer our clients pricing and packages that they will not give you on your own. We are your on-site point of contact dealing with all of the logistics, timing and vendors. From the moment you decide to work with us, your event planning experience becomes easy and effortless; we are there with you from the start of the Event Planning process straight through the completion of the Event and beyond! All you will need to do is invite your guests and enjoy your event!

When to Call?

As soon as you begin thinking of your event is when you should contact us, and especially prior to you contacting any venues. The only way receive our commission from the venue is if we are the first point of contact on your behalf. There are some instances, because of the long standing relationships we have with many of the venues, that we would receive a commission from them if you have hosted your events in previous years, however, never if your event was there the year before.

What Services Are Provided?

Only Perfect Parties is a full service event planning company. We can handle every aspect of the event including Venues, Caterers, Entertainment Vendors, Event Resources, Theme Development Event Design & Production, Lighting, Transportation, Hotels, Staffing, Printed Materials, Discounted Travel, Dinners, Brunches, Invitations, Promo Items or Favors and any Event Services required! Or we can just provide you our convenient Venue & Vendor Referral Service.

What Happens After We Connect?

You will discuss all of your event particulars with your dedicated planner. Your planner will ask you all of the necessary questions to ensure that we have a complete understanding of exactly what your event specifications and goals are. We pride ourselves on making recommendations that are spot on; we know the importance of presenting you with the perfect venue and/or vendor and appreciate the limited amount of time that you have to dedicate to site inspections. If a venue were required, within a week (or less) you will receive our initial Venue Synopsis and if you opt to select one of our options then you would contract directly with that venue and we would discuss the next step in the planning process, which will be Music; Entertainment; Décor & Details.

Who are the Recommended Sub-Contractors and Vendors?

We have a full list of Vendors and Resources, in all different Categories and Price Spectrums that we offer to you and as I’m sure you can appreciate, as a planner we are only as good as our recommendations, for this reason, we do not give our clients direct access to our vendors, so for these services you would contract with OPP directly. We do stand behind our team of vendors that we are so proud of Over the years we have developed outstanding relationships with the vendors that we proudly present to you, knowing full well that they will be exactly what you are looking for and because of the relationships and amount of business that we have brought to them over the years, we will be able to secure pricing and packages that would not be offered to you directly. Of course, if you have a particular vendor that you prefer using, that is fine with us, we will work with them as if they were our recommendation.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay for an Event?

You determine the budget! The only thing that we can guarantee is that we will NOT cost you anything additional! Your overall event budget does dictate the type of Venue; Caterer; Entertainment; Décor and Package that OPP can present to you. However, we pride ourselves on making the BEST recommendations possible and always working within the Budgetary Guidelines that you set. Of course, if you need our assistance in determining a Budget we can certainly assist with that and guarantee that we will stick to it.

What to Expect on the Day of Your Event?

If Only Perfect Parties referred the Venue and/or Caterer for your event, then your Event Planner will be there with you every step of the way; we are there bright and early, behind the scenes, coordinating each and every aspect of your event. We create a Vendor Time Line for all to follow, thus ensuring your event is Memorable and Completely Stress-Free for YOU! The only thing that is expected from you is to relax, have fun and be a Guest at your Own Affair!

If Only Perfect Parties, did not recommend the venue and you opt to utilize Only Perfect Parties on-site coordination service then a fee will apply.

If Only Perfect Parties is hired as the Event Decorator then we will be there bright and early installing all of the décor, we are always completed at least 30 minutes prior to your event start, once you have seen and approved the décor we are off-site until the end of the event, where we come back to break down.

No matter how you utilize our services you do not have to worry or stress over anything that we are in charge of.